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10 Reasons to Visit WE OUT HERE Festival in 2023...

...Especially if you're an artist, creative, or event manager.

We've gone to WOH since 2019, and started out by co-hosting the first Nottingham launch party alongside Sounddhism. Here are 10 reasons to why we think it's the loveliest festival + a video of Joe Barnett, festival director as interviewed by Acoustickle's director, Parisa East.

  1. The vibe is unmatched. You walk on site and you're surrounded with beautiful, soulful people who are their to share their creative energy and let off steam, come rain or shine.

  2. It's full of independent, emerging musicians from around the world, with a huge focus on UK artists in jazz, hip hop, RNB and electronic genres including UKG, house, breakbeat, techno and jungle!

  3. The team running it include Gilles Peterson, New Bohemia Music (Outlook, Dimensions, Cross the Tracks), plus Tomorrow's Warriors and loads of prolific UK underground movers and shakers, like Nottingham's own Madame Jazz and Mimm!

  4. It's a staycation haven, going to a new site for the first time down in Dorset. The lush countryside site of Wimborne St Giles is quite a journey for midlands and North UK residents, but once you breathe in all the fresh air, you'll be glad you made it.

  5. The line up is searing hot, with live performances that leave a mark on your soul. This year there's Black Star (Yasin Bey, Talib Kweli), Ezra Collective, Knucks, Meshell Ndegeocello, Nia Archives, Yazmin Lacey, Omar, Sun Ra Arkestra, Children of Zeus and soooo many more: full line up

6. Food and drink on offer is varied, nutritious and delicious, with something for everyone at a range of affordable prices by festival standards.

7. If you're into networking and expanding your contacts database, this is the place. Creative industry professionals looking for their tribe are guaranteed to meet someone exciting in their field, whilst in a field! Feel confident and meet new people whilst you party.

8. The festival owners do loads to encourage diverse communities to attend, even giving charity tickets for free. In fact, when Acoustickle/Sounddhism hosted the Nottingham launch party, we were able to give tickets to organisations like SheAfriq, a Black female led artist space, which supported their own aims in the UK arts community.

9. The organisers are down to earth and do this out of love for music. The video below is of WOH director Joe Barnett being interviewed by Acoustickle director Parisa East at Confetti Industry Week 2023 (IW23). He has a tonne of insights to absorb, supporting emerging professionals with nearly 2 decades experience working in festivals and events:

10. It's a safe space for everyone, with built in welfare and quiet zones. It's also kid friendly for children and your own inner child. Go to their website and you'll see there's something for everyone, including workshops, storytelling, games, crafts and more.

Hope to see you there!

Acoustickle x

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