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acoustickle - live jazz, rnb, nottingham
acoustickle - live jazz, rnb, nottingham
acoustickle - live jazz, rnb, nottingham
acoustickle - live jazz, rnb, nottingham
acoustickle - live jazz, rnb, nottingham
acoustickle - live jazz, rnb, nottingham
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Discover Emerging Music at Our Soulful, Decorated Events

We want to bring the world to Nottingham, and take Nottingham to the world.

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Discover new talent with phenomenal, intimate and inspiring performances by soulful emerging UK, East Midlands and even global music acts.


Fabrics, lanterns and special touches make our atmosphere unforgettable. It's like the inside of a genie's lamp, an Eastern jazz club, a botanical paradise...


We invite local independent businesses to trade at Acoustickle, if they share our vibe and community ethos.



For 15 years in 2024, Acoustickle has been THE spot to discover and support independent, emerging artists, especially in genres like jazz, soul, RnB, hip hop, neo-soul, spoken word...

Our signature aesthetic with decorations, incense, candles, flowers and cabaret seating, creates an unforgettable and immersive experience for all the senses.

Acoustickle was founded in 2009 as a small smokey event at The Maze, Nottingham. We soon became one of the hottest spots in town for breaking new talent to the scene.

Our legacy includes being the first performance, first Nottingham performance, or first live band performance of successful artists like Jake Bugg, Georgie (Girl Band), St. Raymond, Daudi Matsiko, Akua Naru, Tiana Major9, Yazmin Lacey, Georgia Copeland, MELONYX, Jaz Karis, Lyvia and more.

Our alumni includes Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Ashaine White, Boadi, Bru-C, Broadstrokes, Benjamin Hibbert, Faye Houston, Kamar, KC Da Rookee, J Gold, Ella Knight, Ezra Collective, Lia White, Suntou Susso, Chai Larden, Keto, Lee Ramsay, Marita Metelia, Jourdan Pierre Blair (Jah Digga), Aye Nizzy, Can B, Nadia LaToya, Parisa East, Peter Beardsworth, J Littles, Harleighblu, Nina Smith, Natalie Duncan, Garton, DeeJay Gaz, Mollie Ralph, Kareem Jamal, Joy Mumford, Captain Hotknives, Perkie, Kirk Spencer, Metske, The Leano, SHVVN, Megs, Phe B, Saffron Gray, Tracy Luvv, Courtney, Molly Hindley & over 1000 more...

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