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Artists in ISOULation: Live on Instagram

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Acoustickle is an innovative live music brand, so what do we do when venues and the live industry is on lockdown? We innovate!

#ArtistsinISOULation are Instagram based live performances, with emerging RnB, jazz, soul, hip hop, acoustic acts showcasing their talent from our page @acoustickle_.

They have been a JOY, and introduced us to upcoming UK artists who then performed at Eats & Beats, the Sherwood Glades festival we helped host last year.

Some have previously graced Acoustickle's stage, and some are yet to perform at our events, but every single one is a star.

Ashaine White performed alongside Etta Bond in Nottingham for OnPoint in February, and simply took our breath away with her gorgeous voice and songwriting.

Amy Palmer has now hosted 2 ISOULation's, and is someone we can't wait to work with more. Her new music can be found here.

COMING UP at ISOULation... Rozzz Qween & K-SOUL

Make sure you follow Acoustickle on Instagram for 2 outstanding performances in June & July. Rozzz Qween will also be live in Nottingham at our FIRST event back since 2020. Tickets for that event can be found here.

Rozzz Qween 6pm, Thursday 24th June - zesty, modern take on jazzz soul, Birmingham

K-Soul 6pm, Monday 5th July - contemporary RnB-jazz, neo-soul and blues, London


This performance by SIDIQ was the 2nd one of 2021, and was released on our timeline instead of as a live. We met Sidiq online through music networking and have yet to meet in person...

Should we invite him to perform for you live?

Plus we have connections that we hope will last a lifetime:

JayaHadADream's ISOULation was also released as a pre-record. She's performed with us in 2019 when KSR headlined. We have seen huge growth in Jaya since then and expect very big movements over the coming years.

We still have videos to upload here from MELONYX, Amy Palmer and the other acts which you can currently see on our Acoustickle Instagram timeline. We hope you follow us and enjoy some Artists in ISOULation.

Simply find @acoustickle_ to watch performances, past and future.

To give us, or any of the artists donations, send it to our PayPal and put a reference of who you'd like it to go to: PAYPAL ACOUSTICKLE

Thank you x

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