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Artists in ISOULation: Live on Instagram

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Acoustickle is an innovative live music brand, so what do we do when venues and the live industry is on lockdown? We innovate!

#ArtistsinISOULation are Instagram based live performances, with emerging RnB, jazz, soul, hip hop, acoustic acts showcasing their talent from our page @acoustickle_.

They have been a JOY, and introduced us to upcoming UK artists who then performed at Eats & Beats, the Sherwood Glades festival we helped host last year.

Some have previously graced Acoustickle's stage, and some are yet to perform at our events, but every single one is a star.

Ashaine White performed alongside Etta Bond in Nottingham for OnPoint in February, and simply took our breath away with her gorgeous voice and songwriting.

Amy Palmer has now hosted 2 ISOULation's, and is someone we can't wait to work with more. Her new music can be found here.

COMING UP at ISOULation... Rozzz Qween & K-SOUL

Make sure you follow Acoustickle on Instagram for 2 outstanding performances in June & July. Rozzz Qween will also be live in Nottingham at our FIRST event back since 2020. Tickets for that event can be found here.

Rozzz Qween 6pm, Thursday 24th June - zesty, modern take on jazzz soul, Birmingham

K-Soul 6pm, Monday 5th July - contemporary RnB-jazz, neo-soul and blues, London