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Live Music in Nottingham from This Weekend!

Nottingham’s famous music scene is about to re-emerge with hip hop, jazz & soul at The Chapel and Peggy’s Skylight from this weekend.

Acoustickle is proudly partnered with The Chapel for intimate 25 capacity shows in this newly refurbished, historic venue with brand new sound system! Artists keep 100% of ticket revenue so have a look at the full listings and be part of something special.

FIRST UP is Local Healers and Louis Cypher, who released their collaborative EP 'Paintings on the Wall' in 2021 with I'm Not From London. It's really a work of art, showcasing 3 honest rappers as they ride jazzy, soulful productions. STREAM HERE:

The following week GEORGIE will be taking over, but both her shows have already sold out.

Georgie is managed by Jake Bugg’s team, which is amazing since both artists started out their careers age 15 on the Acoustickle stage.

With some of the city's finest talents already booked, we anticipate sold out shows throughout the season to be fair!

Click the link above to purchase tickets for any of the upcoming shows... As we say, artists keep 100% of REVENUE!

This is in large part thanks to Arts Council England.

Oh, and, if you didn't know, The Chapel venue is located above The Angel Microbrewery on Stoney Street. It's a perfect independent hang out with delicious food, including vegan, and organic beers.

The boss behind The Angel also has a close place in Acoustickle's history as the first venue to give us a working budget for events.

WE ALSO WANT TO HIGHLIGHT Peggy's Skylight who return back to the scene with a brand new menu. Go to the Peggy's website to see up coming events, which often feature world renowned names.

To inquire about performing at Acoustickle, please send your music, EPKs and demos to, or use the contact page.

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