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Seeing Music: Review of Mahalia at The Bodega Nottingham

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

This post was first published in November 2017. Within a year Mahalia had become an international sensation, and in October 2018, her father James and his group SonOf performed at Acoustickle Indian Summer. A lot can happen in a year...

Mahalia is a rising star. She just is. In Nottingham on Sunday 29th October she performed a spellbinding set of songs that showed the dynamism of her vocal ability - a true jazz-soul-gospel-hip-hop-blues and reggae-dancehall melting pot. Held at Nottingham's Bodega Social venue, her stunning voice was accompanied by her acoustic guitar, a laptop, and a rather exceptional bassist. She effortlessly glowed, telling the packed out audience stories between each song, which felt like 'an audience with Mahalia' rather than a standard live music event. At 19 years old, Mahalia is a self-produced, confident, business-minded woman with deep knowledge of self, and a brilliant gift. Her songwriting is the type that makes a singer want to sing. Her knack for creating 'new classics' that would fit in any DJs collection is possibly why her output as an artist is enviously high quality despite her teenage years. She told us she signed a record deal around age 13 after starting to write at 12. Mahalia has over over 20,000 Facebook likes, 21.5k Instagram follows and many past European performances under her belt. One would assume a very loving family environment with dedicated parents is what this artist has as her foundation. Who really knows so much about themselves this well before age 20? As a British girl from Leicester, she's going to bring home gold for the UK and the Midlands, with millions of views across her video releases and a strong fanbase already in the bag. Check out her music and make sure you get to her future performances! Mahalia Website Mahalia Facebook Mahalia Instagram #mahalia #seeingmusic #acoustickle #thebodega #sonof #leicester

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